Thursday, March 13, 2008

Mizuno MP 600 Review

Mizuno MP 600 Driver Review from 4 Golf Online
Reviewed by Mark Crossfield PGA Golf Professional
The Mizuno MP 600 Driver with its FAST TRACK system, offer the golfer every shot in the bag with a simple twist of the key. The two 8-gram pegs can be moved to suit every player’s demands from higher, lower shots to helping your draw or fade. The milled club face ensures that the Mizuno MP 600 Driver will perform to the USGA/ R&A limitations for trampoline effect giving you the longest drives possible.
We took delivery of the Mizuno MP 600 Drivers in early February and they did not stay on the shelves for long as it has been one of the most long awaited driver’s released from Mizuno Golf. I was very interested to see if the FAST TRACK system would make any difference or if it was just a clever gimmick. So I placed the first ball on the tee with the club set up neutral, took a swing and watched the results. The club felt great and the ball flew turn with next to no draw or fade spin. So after about five shots I wanted to get stuck in to the weights to see if I could get my ball flight optimised. I had a 9.5 stiff flex with the Fujikura 360 shaft and felt like I wanted to hit the ball with a little less rpm off the face. I moved the weights to the outside of the head to position the weight nearer the face to keep the launch spin and launch angle down. My first shot was from the heel of the club and the ball did go to low, then my next few shots came right from the middle and the ball averaged twelve yards further than in the neutral settings. I was so impressed not only did the club look and feel great I had a driver in my hand which I could use in any conditions.
Since the release of the Mizuno MP 600 I have bagged my old driver and the new MP 600 is in my Golf Bag and I love it.
* Warning: It is against R&A rules to change FAST TRACK settings during play
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